Sunday, September 14, 2008

Father's Day at the Zoo and beyond

Walt & Traci were up for Father's Day and so we got to play with the kids. First we went to the zoo on Saturday with the Oldroyd's (traci's family) and then on Sunday, I gave Trey & Boyce squirt guns and this is how Trey could shoot. BACKWARDS! They loved the box that was full of packaging stuff and they they played games with Grandpa.

Little Red Riding Hood Ride June 7, 2008

This is a picture of Andrea Birch and I in Logan, Ut This is our second year of this torchure. This year it was all about head winds. 46 miles of it. I bring Andrea along just so I know that I will get through to the finish line. She can ride circles around me. We always have a great time. These pictures are at many of the rest stops which we took full advantage of. Here we are toasting our victory at the finish line. I haven't been on my bike since.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long Lost Relatives

Yesterday the Llewellyn's stopped by on their way from Texas to Provo to drop Brandon off at the MTC. We had dinner with them, serving Pappa Murphy's Pizza and salad. We sat and talked a bit, Cassandra and Marie were also there. At 8pm we started watching Hell's Kitchen, all the Llewellyn's (except Mike) like to watch it. Before it was over, Dave came home and asked if any one wanted dessert. So we ended up getting a half of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Before you know it the cheesecake and the Llewellyn's were gone. Lynette promised to come back at the end of July. We love the Llewellyn's (from left to right) Kevin,Megan, Blake, Lynette, Mike, Brandon

Boyce & Trey with us in Las Vegas

Dave & I went to Las Vegas in January 2008. We went for a little r&r and had Walt and Traci come down and meet us for the day. We were waiting for the fountains to go on at the Bellagio. Since this is July, the boys have changed already. We are looking forward to celebrating July 4th with them.

Testing, Testing, Testing

This is a test. We are now creating our blog together. First time for everything